Socially 3.0 for Nokia N8

Socially 3.0 for Nokia N8

Socially is a Nokia N8 application that allows you to keep track of your social networking websites within one integrated app, so no need for lots of apps for different social networks. You can use the app to track recent status updates, Tweets, check-ins and what-not.

At the moment Socially 3.0 is currently in Beta mode, however it can still be downloaded and used on the Nokia N8, free of charge. The app supports several different social network platforms: Facebook and Twitter with Foursqaure, LinkedIn also being integrated at a later date.

Socially for the Nokia N8 also shows the user up-to-date information about the callers during an incoming phone call and as alerts via the phone homescreen – giving you more engaging and better quality conversations with your friends, colleagues, family or fans.

When you first download Socially, you are required to give access to Socially by opening the Facebook application within Socially, once you have done that you are then able to login to your Facebook via the Socially application – so setup only takes a few moments. You will also be required to do the same for the Twitter client, too, which also takes just seconds – now you’re ready to socially convey yourself with your friends and co.

What’s new in 3.0?

* A totally new a rewritten engine which delivers faster and more efficient performance
* Removing UI issues that were confusing for the user
* A totally optimized user experience for each separate OS (v3 and v5 handsets)
* Improved social notifications

Price: FREE – currently in Beta

Note: To download, visit the above link in your Nokia N8 browser.