Symbian OS updates coming to Nokia N8

Software updates coming to Nokia N8

Today, Nokia’s Senior Vice President of Smartphones, Jo Harlow, told ZDNet that the first updates for the Symbian^3 such as the Nokia N8 and Nokia C7 will be available for download in the first half of 2011. This will see the introduction of split-screen text entry, portrait QWERTY keyboard and an integrated Swype input system, along with a new web browser.

If you haven’t already heard of Swype, we wrote an article about the Nokia N8 gets Swype a while back, so check it out to see what Swype is all about.

In early 2011, there will be split-screen text entry, portrait QWERTY and Swype all integrated in the the UI (User Interface), which will also bring with it a totally new browser and a whole new level of browsing experience on your Nokia N8 that is much more modern. Nokia will from now on be releasing regular updates for their mobile phones, as opposed to releasing maybe just one or two updates during a phones lifetime – this will cover the whole range of Nokia devices, not just the Nokia N8. This means more new content and further other improvements to the user interface, which can only be a good thing.