Solitaire for the Nokia N8

If like me, you spent hours upon hours playing solitaire on a Windows based PC, especially when they were popular many years back, then you’re going to love this. If you didn’t already know Solitaire is a card-based game that became popular due to its inclusion in the Windows based operating system for desktop computers – it’s very addictive to say the least.

The ultimate goal is to use all of your cards from the desk to create four different piles of cards that all have different suits from each other in ascending order: ACE through to the King. When you find yourself with an ACE you need to move it to the right side of the screen, on one of the four card slots available. Let’s say for example you have a King on the main card plot, you will need to get a card that is in the descending order i.e. in this case a Queen – it also has to be an alternating colour. So let’s say you have a black King on the main plot, you will have to find yourself a red Queen to put on top of the king and so forth.

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In order to win, you need to have your Aces all laid out on the right column and then place the corresponding cards on each pile. For example if you have a ACE of hearts on the right column, the idea is to get the 2 of hearts on top of that and then 3 of hearts and so on until you have no cards left on the playing field, which is to the left of the right column.

If you find yourself with a column on the main playing area that has no overturned cards on it, you can place a King on this spot and then put the descending cards below it as per the rules – basically giving you the ability to free up some more space and allow you to utilise it to your advantage.

Overall thoughts

The game is excellent. It looks great and plays very well, i’m yet to experience any bugs or other issues be it a small or big issue. If you’re a fan of solitaire, then you’ll absolutely love this – it’s a great portable version of a nostalgic classic. The graphics are sharp and the touchscreen controls are very fluent and effective in their execution – this version of the game comes with a very small advertisement on the main menu screen an doesn’t show whilst you’re playing in the game, thankfully.

Fan of solitaire or not, get your hands on it now and watch the hours pass.

Price: FREE
Download: Solitaire for the Nokia N8