SoundHound for Nokia N8

SoundHound for Nokia N8

You’ve probably already heard of music recognition services such as Shazam, but this app for the Nokia N8 brings a cool new twist. Although it has already been done on the past on the iOS, this is pretty much a first for Symbian^3 devices – the ability to sing or hum a song, which will then be sent for instant analysis to try and give you a match to what you sing or hum.

So, in a matter of 5 seconds you can find the name of that song that has been in your head all day, which you don’t know the name of. With this application you simply sing or hum into your Nokia N8 and you will get a result on the song within as little as 4 seconds – pretty neat.

Already know the name of that song, but want the lyrics or even a Youtube video at the tap of a button (well, in this case, with a simple few words)? SoundHound for the Nokia N8 will do that for you, too, all within the one same free application.

As if this wasn’t already enough, you are even able to browse the SoundHound Charts to check out the hottest new songs, the most popular songs or even the most underplayed songs – great for finding new music and artists that are similar (or not) to your liking.

Price: €4.00 / £4.00
Download: SoundHound for Nokia N8