SPB TV for Nokia N8

SPB TV for Nokia N8

SPB TV is an application that lets you watch TV channels from around the world, all from one application. It provides quick and easy access to TV channels and VoD (Video on Demand) services and incorporates features such as channel previews, picture-in-picture mode for quick browsing and an integrated TV guide – all subscription free.

Whilst the application is handy and has a choice of over 150 channels from over 20 countries around the world, it’s not the best application out there. It has a decent design that offers good navigation abilities, but it’s overall choice of channels and presentation is somewhat lacking. Unless you’re multi-lingual and know a host of languages other than your native language, this application can become somewhat annoying.

To navigate your way through the channels you use a rather nice side scrolling navigation, which has thumbnails of the particular TV shows logo and above this navigation is a small description about the TV program that you’re currently highlighting. From the same screen you can play the program, which is simply a rather ugly screenshot of the program that’s currently on – but cosmetics isn’t everything – at least not if it has functionality that overshadows the ‘okay’ UI.

For the programs that are there, the streaming seems fine and doesn’t cut out if you’re on a good connection, which should preferably be WiFi. The TV programmes that we did watch were also of great quality and the sound too was great, especially for a streaming service on a mobile phone.

There are a few options to choose from when you’re watching a program, the most important being the ability to set the quality from High, Normal to Low. This helps a lot when you’re streaming a program and it keeps cutting out, you can set the quality to low which helps a lot – if you’re not experiencing issues then always keep it on high quality.

To summarise, SPB TV for the Nokia N8 is worth the download even if it lacks decent programmes (even though there’s over 150 of them) as it’s not only free but helps to pass free time.

Price: FREE
Download: SPBTV for the Nokia N8