still no Symbian Anna for USA

Symbian Anna still not released in USA

Yep, believe it or not our poor friends across the pond in the USA are still yet to receive their update of Symbian Anna for the Nokia N8. The reason for the lack of update has been shrouded in mystery and nobody quite knows exactly what the delay is or why – however a few people have been told various different things; take for example “the servers are down” (this was early September – they still down are they, dear Nokia?) and then there is the supposed issue with carriers which needs to be tended to.

In truth Nokia are stalling for some reason and nobody knows why and i doubt we will know any time soon. It almost looks as though Nokia are trying to kill the little support they have in the USA for their handsets, if they keep this up they can bet their millions that the American market will push Nokia further out of their thoughts and continue with buying phones like HTC, iPhone et al.

Note: I will be sending Nokia an email this week to see where we’re at and see if we can get some answers for our American readers. Hopefully we will get an honest reply with some sort of timetable as to how long you could be expected to wait – at this rate though it looks like Symbian Belle will be released before the prerequisite Symbian Anna update – i’m trying to find the logic in this, but it really looks like it is heading this way.

Anyway, we will keep you updated if were hear anything back. We’ll do our best to get some answers for you, those which you rightly deserve.

Do you live in America and own a Nokia N8? We’d like to hear your thoughts. As an American owner of a Nokia device, does their lack of support for Anna, plus their lack of communication regarding the problem give you a reason to never buy a Nokia device again? Let us know!

Update 1

We’ve had a reply from someone over at the USA offices, however we’re still awaiting another reply from others at Nokia. If this yields no answers, next step is to contact the corporate offices to seek a reply.

“Hi Nick-

I wish I had a definitive answer for you. Unfortunately, there are so many factors in play when it comes to testing and getting approvals that vary from device to device and country to country that come into play (local device variants, network restrictions, etc.) that make a guess at specific timing almost impossible. I’ve been speaking directly with some of the team working on this and they are also eager to get this software into the hands of our customers here in the US as well – and are working hard to make that happen both quickly and with the highest level of quality.


Update 2

Coming soon (once we get a reply).