Symbian Belle – your thoughts?

So most of us have had a fair few weeks to play around with the new Nokia Belle (formerly known as Symbian Belle) operating system on our Nokia N8 handsets and most of us have also come to a conclusion as to whether or not the update was worth the wait or is what we were expecting – i’m interested to hear your thoughts.

Readers of our blog have very differing views on the update; some claim it to be the best update yet, others state that fact that whilst it is a nice update, it’s riddled with bugs and other problems that should of been ironed out months prior to release.

One of the issues highlighted by our reader Turi states; “Sure it looks good with the default home screen setup, but it’s a horror for people wanting to keep it simple and functional. There is no common theming on the widgets and they’re all just as ugly on dark background – looks like something from The Wizard of Oz. The lack of simple, usable and stylish widgets for email, calendar and notifications render the homescreens unusable for me. Nice to know that there are six screens, as I can’t find proper use to even one.

I have to agree with him here, the lack of simple styling is astonishing and the usability isn’t exactly working like clockwork. One of the very basic principles of an operating system as advanced as Symbian Belle is the styling – it should look good, the end user should have an interface that is polished and worthy of showing off to friends – ugly widgets really do irritate me.

An interesting annoyance that I’ve not personally noticed has been brought up by no other than our reader Fritz Pinguin who states a problem with; “The phone keeps complaining about “Mobile data off” all the time. I know that, I turned it off by purpose in the taskbar. But no application is running, so what is this annoying warning good for? Interestingly, if I turn WiFi on, the warning disappears, but still no app is accessing the net anyway. I seriously think about going back to Anna because of the many inconveniences/bugs in Nokia Belle.

Another common annoyance as noted by our reader G, is the amazing lack of standard notifications widget, a very surprising removal too. You can read all of the other views of Nokia N8 owners on the latest update by clicking here.

We would like to hear YOUR views on the latest update and what, if anything specifically, you would change and why or what you would like to see in future updates to the firmware.