MusicWithMe for Nokia N8

Sync iTunes with Nokia N8

Ever remember Apples phrase “there’s an app for that”? Well that’s now also becoming true with the Ovi Store, as now you can even sync your Nokia N8 with your iTunes account, allowing you to carry your music, videos and pictures around with you wherever you go with this neat little app.

The app, developed by ParkVu, allows you to sync your iTunes library to your Nokia N8 over a WiFi or 3G data

network. Music WithMe is a simple to use application allowing you to get your iTunes library on to your phone seamlessly and even syncs the playlists that you choose, automatically and without the need for those pesky wires.

If you find that the application doesn’t work, you could try the following workthroughs and see if that helps solve the issue, if it doesn’t, you may want to either wait for a more stable release version or contact the developer on the BetaLabs website. If none of the below work for you, it’s also worth noting that you should update your iTunes to the latest version, this alone may fix any potential issues you have with no playlists or music syncing to your Nokia N8.

PC users

Check to see if you have an iTunes folder located on your computer or try to find the iTunes Library.xml file in one of your Music subfolders. You should ensure you have iTunes Library.xml or iTunes Music Library.xml file in one of your Music subfolders.

Mac users

The file you need is “iTunes Library.xml” which is located in the iTunes file of your music library folder, and it should be no more than a few MB. Make a copy of this and name it “iTunes Music Library”, this should fix the issue.

Download / More Info: MusicWithMe for Nokia N8