Nokia N8 reviews

The best Nokia N8 reviews

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a none-bias review or a review that is in-depth and to the point and we have filtered through the masses of reviews for the Nokia N8 to bring you the best reviews out of the lot. This should help you in deciding if the mobile phone is for you and if it is, what the phone brings with it in terms of features and usability.

The first and in my opinion best review of the Nokia N8 is by and they have covered every aspect of the mobile phone and have given great depth and analysis. This review is based on the final release retail firmware, so this means what they’re reviewing is what you’ll get – unlike other reviews later in this article. See the review at

The first review we believe which is concise, to the point and more importantly very detailed is from – they have literally reviewed almost every aspect of the mobile phone and deliver a very good review on the Nokia N8. If however you’re looking for a shortened review that is less in-depth then this review probably isn’t for you. It’s not clear whether or not the firmware reviewed was the latest (retail) version, or not – see

If you are looking for a shorter to-the-point review that doesn’t demand reading in excess of 12 pages of writing, then the review by is probably more up your street – see

Another great review can be found on, which offers a review that is concise and technical without all the technical jargon that you may expect. This review weighs in at a very slim two pages, so if you’re rushed for time or just don’t want to read pages upon pages, this may be ideal for you – see

We hope you find the above reviews of use and hopefully help you come to a conclusion about whether or not you should invest your money into the Nokia N8, being a die hard Nokia fan or not.