The future of the Nokia N8

Now that the storm behind the Nokia and Microsoft Alliance has finally passed with time, is there a brighter future for the Nokia N8? It’s fair to assume that there is, there’s no reason for those of us who have the phone to think it will be ditched by Nokia in a complete lack of caring or willingness to develop something further that they and many other people deem to be the end of the line.

We can expect a number of awesome new features and upgrades still to come for our beloved Nokia N8 and those include but are certainly not limited to: A new User Interface – this will bring with it new funtionality and software that truly deserves to be a part of the Symbian^3 family. PR 2.0 firmware – this should come with a QWERTY keyboard and a new, more stable web browser for a better online web browsing experience. There’s lots more features on top of this, so feel free to check out the PR 2.0 features here.

Okay, so the Nokia N8 isn’t going to have an unlimited life expectancy, all phones have to meet their end sometime. Let’s take for example the Nokia N97, we all thought it was a really cool phone when it came out packed with the latest technology in the mobile phone world, but now where is it? It has fell down the technological ladder at full speed and it’s only been around for a little under 2 years.

All Nokia N8 users should be aware that in a year or two, the technology in the Nokia N8 will be lacking and will be overpowered and pushed out of the market by the newer generation of mobile phone – the kind that allows you to pay for electronic goods via swiping your mobile phone, the kind that packs a 20 megapixel camera inside a tiny housing unit – the kind that in yesterdays world, is todays technology.

Anyway, less about the doom and gloom. On the plus side, the future for the Nokia N8 looks bright and looks one full of features and updates. Nokia have basically promised to keep rolling out updates and even continuing to develop a new UI for the phone and it’s Symbian^3 brothers and sisters – so yes, Nokia do care about us. They care about all of their customers (okay, maybe not the ones that take their phone back to a Nokia Care unit with an AMOLED display issue) and it was never in doubt that they never did care. People just often come to assumptions long before reality hits home, which is quite unfortunate.

We Nokia N8 users still have a lot to come, so it’s not the end of the world by any means. People who were contemplating on buying a Nokia N8 can breathe calm, recollect their thoughts and be safe in the knowledge that they’re purchasing a phone that will continue to receive the updates it not only needs, but definitely deserves.