how do you use your nokia n8

The Nokia N8 – how do you use yours?

Okay, so the Nokia N8 is by far the best camera phone on the market and probably for some time to come – we’ve all mostly had enough time to enjoy the phone and its many features that come in abundance, however we all have our Nokia N8 for a specific reason. Personally, i have my Nokia N8 for two reasons: to take stunning photographs and to be able to keep this blog updated with interesting and hands-on news in the Nokia N8 scene.

If you’re reading this article, you probably have a Nokia N8 of yourselves and use it frequently for whatever reason you do. Do you use your phone purely for photography or do you use it for gaming, or you may even use it for a mixture of things such as photography, socialising and gaming. Sure, the Nokia N8 can do a lot of different stuff, but there is usually a sole reason or two behind most people buying a phone of their choice.

You could of even bought the Nokia N8 expecting yourself to only use it to take photographs but you’ve found yourself spending the majority of the time playing games.

The question is, how do you use your Nokia N8?