Nokia N8 camera

The Nokia N8 – what would you change?

The Nokia N8 is undeniably one of the best phones on the market at the moment and in terms of photograph taking, it’s definitely the market leader at the moment – but like with all phones, it has its downfalls. If you were asked the question; “what would you change about the Nokia N8?” – what would be your reply?

I would personally change the UI and a few aspects of the operating system, as i feel slightly short-changed when using the phone when you compare it to the other top manufacturers and operating systems. With PR 2.0 closing upon us with speed and the news of the new UI coming to Symbian^3, this would fix my own personal gripes with the Nokia N8 – hoorah.

I’d also absolutely love it if the catalogue of applications was higher, something along the lines of the App Store which as we all know has the largest library of applications and games across any platform. Give me the above coupled with this and the Nokia N8 will be a truly wonderful and near perfect phone.

People will have different opinions and will have different problems with the phone itself, some may even find the phone perfect as it already is – it’s all personal preference and the preference of the overall majority more than anything else.

If you could change some aspects of the Nokia N8, what would you change and why?