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The ultimate Nokia N8 app and game kit

So here at N8 Geeks, we’ve been blogging about the Nokia N8 since it was launched and even before it was launched, bringing you guys the best and most up-to-date Nokia N8 blog on the internet. We’ve made hundreds and hundreds of blog posts with useful information about games, apps and news – so we thought it would be a good idea to sift through all of our blog posts to give you a small guide, to help you get the most out of your Nokia N8 – and hopefully this post will help us achieve just that.


Camera apps

  • CameraPro N8 – this wonderful app has helped many thousands of Nokia N8 users get the most out of their camera. What does it do? It gives you extended functions such as higher zoom rate and HDR photography and much more.
  • EpocCam Lite – turn your Nokia N8 in to a webcam with ease, not only is it handy but the software is also free.
  • Nokia N8 Panorama – this great little app allows you to take panorama pictures on your Nokia N8, letting you take some truly breathtaking photos.

Homescreen and UI customisation

  • Voyager – this app is truly amazing and probably one of my all-time favourites, it allows you to add a whole new level of customisation to your Nokia N8 – kinda has an iPhone feel to it – check it out, you won’t regret it.
  • Bubbles – adds a unique functionality to your phone, allowing you to unlock, view new messages, control music player, control the radio and much more from your lock screen.
  • Sleeping Screen – a beautifully designed and energy efficient screensaver. It even tells you about missed calls or messages you’ve received, something no other half-decent screensavers do on the Nokia N8.


  • Shazam – i absolutely love this app. If there’s a song on the radio or anywhere else for that matter you like the sound of, simply load the app and take a small sample of the song that’s playing and it will tell you the name and the song and artist – very clever stuff.
  • SoundHound – very similar to Shazam, but it allows you to hum or sing the song into your phone and get instant analysis, telling you the name of the song and artist.
  • Internet Radio – listen to hundreds of different radio stations from around the world, no matter where in the world YOU are – handy and great if you love music or radio shows.

Lock apps

  • Automatic lock app – lock your phone with an awesome application that locks your phone when you put it in your pocket and unlocks it when you take it back out. Functional and free.
  • Slide to unlock – something that was missing from the Nokia N8 is the ability to unlock your phone by sliding across the screen, now it has it.
  • Social Networking

    • Socially – a great social application that has Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn functionality built in.
    • Snaptu – a collection of social networking apps and more – from Facebook, to Twitter and Flickr to weather and sports.

    File Management

    • WinRar – unzip and decompress files whilst on-the-go with your Nokia N8. It’s functional and helps you save space on your phone and computer a-like, definitely a must have app.
    • Torrent Downloader – download torrents directly to your mobile phone. Great for downloading on-the-go and then transferring to your computer when you get home, or use it for whatever else you want.


    • Desktop Remote – control your computer using your Nokia N8 and this application. Great for people who are a little on the lazy side, or just like to have functionality.
    • Best Screen Snap – take screenshots of your Nokia N8′s screen with a simple touch of a button. Screenshots have never been easier to take on your phone before.
    • Swype – a great new way to type messages, simply trace your finger across the letters to ‘type’ quickly and efficiently.
    • Backup – backup your Nokia N8 in a few simple steps, so your data is always secure and ready to re-install to your phone whenever need be.
    • Blacklist – tired of getting telephone calls from specific telephone numbers? This app help you solve that.
    • Data Counter Widget – keep track of your data usage via a widget on your homescreen, great if you’ve not got an unlimited data plan.
    • Battery Extender Pro – this awesome app lets you save battery with a very easy to use UI. It let’s you configure all sorts of aspects of your phone such as the backlight, bluetooth and so on – when you’re phone is at a certain battery level, the app will react and help save battery.
    • Games

      • Angry Birds – you’ve probably already heard of Angry Birds, but if you haven’t, it involves flinging, well, Angry Birds at a ‘building’ attempting to knock it down and kill the evil green pigs.
      • Nintendo NES Emulator – probably my favourite application on the Nokia N8, it allows you to pay old school NES games right on your Nokia N8 such as Mario, PacMan, Metroid and so much more. Get it whilst you can.
      • Sparkle – another of my favourite games on the Nokia N8 – graphics to die for and enough fun to keep you hooked for many hours. Match 3 or more coloured marbles to remove them from the moving playing field.
      • Fruit Ninja – simple yet addictive gameplay that was super popular on the iPhone. Simply cut the fruit and get points, simple.
      • Spiderman: Total Mayhem HD
      • Burn the Rope – as the name suggests, this game involves burning the rope with the use of the gyroscope in the Nokia N8. An excellent game with great graphics, it will suck up hours of your time.

      I hope this list of games and apps will keep you busy for a few weeks at least, a lot of them are productive but lots of them are fun, intuitive and original. Download them all and your Nokia N8 will be a library full of awesomeness, guaranteed.