Throw It for Nokia N8

Throw It for Nokia N8 free download

Throw It is a clone of the popular game Paper Toss, which has had millions of downloads worldwide. Many people will be familiar with Paper Toss, whether you’ve owned it yourself or played it on a friends phone – the idea of the game is to literally throw paper in to a bin (or trash can, whichever word you prefer).

The game, Toss It for Nokia N8 mobile phones is not yet available on the Ovi Store, however as per the Youtube video below by Camb078 it is available for download (you can download it from the link below the video).

Just like Paper Toss, this game, Throw It, is a game where you have to measure and judge the wind speed and adjust your throw to directly coincide with the wind – ensuring that you get the screwed up ball of paper in the target bin. Sound easy? Well it is, kinda. The game is great for wasting away a few minutes during a commute or even any other time you want to waste some time.

The menu on Toss It is amazingly sleek and smooth, something we’ve not yet seen on the Nokia N8 – namely because the menu uses XML, which is yet to be allowed on the Ovi Store (hence why this game isn’t available on the Ovi Store yet).

Whilst the menu is smooth, the game itself really isn’t. It’s somewhat choppy and, well, laggy. Even though the game itself isn’t the best just yet, the game is worth the download and has lots of replay value regardless of the lag.

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