Top 5 Nokia N8 Accessories

Top 5 Nokia N8 Accessories

The Nokia N8 is causing a buzz in the mobile industry and with its soon-to-be release in Europe, we thought it would be a good idea to give you guys an insight in to the top 5 accessories for the Nokia N8.

The Nokia N8 Desktop Cradle

This particular Nokia N8 accessory is particularly popular with internet readers because of its excellent design and ease-of-use. The Nokia N8 Desktop Cradle gives you the ability to charge your handset with the utmost of ease. Simply place your Nokia N8 within the cradle and your phone will be charging in to time and also connected to your computer. The fact that Nokia N8 Desktop Cradle is created just for the Nokia N8 gives it that extra-snug fit, no looseness or any of that lark like with some iPhone desktop cradles.

The Nokia N8 Mini Smart Phone Car Holder

The Nokia N8 Mini Smart Phone Car Holder offers your Nokia N8 mobile phone a safe place of refuge and allows you to use it and speak safely and legally. The suction mount allows you to place the holder anywhere you desire on the windscreen for the best comfort to the driver and passenger. The particularly small holder offers a very convenient way of talking on your telephone and keeping it safe at the same time.

The PDair Nokia N8 Leather Flip Case

The PDair Nokia N8 Leather Flip Case gives the user maximum protection for the handset and the cases are specifically moulded to fit the Nokia N8 – meaning the case fits on seamlessly around your phone, giving it a ‘second skin’. Every case will enhance the appearance of the device with a very sleek stitching on the outside of the case giving it a modern and fashionable feel.

FlexiShield Skin For Nokia N8

The FlexiShield Skin for the Nokia N8 is made from a gel-like substance which not only makes the phone look great and feel flexible like a regular silicone case, but also offers great protection and outstanding quality. The FlexiShield is tough and offers great grip, which both helps you protect your phone and stop you from dropping your phone during those intense gaming sessions.

InvisibleSHIELD full body protector case for the Nokia N8

The invisibleSHIELD was developed for and used by the American military to protect their helicopter blades, which rotating at high speeds, is a necessity. It was developed from the toughest possible film on the market and would simply mould itself around your phone with ease. These particular “Invisible Shields” are customarily designed for the likes of mobile phones, laptops, gaming systems, GPS and many more different electronic devices.