Torch application for Nokia N8

Torch (flashlight) for Nokia N8

Turn your Nokia N8 into a torch, making it possible to see in the dark. It’s ideal for people who often find themselves in the dark, but needing some sort of light to navigate their way around – I use a torch for my mobile phone very often and it also saves having to needlessly put a light on, for example if you have just woke up and are going to the toilet.

Nobody likes the sight of bright light straight after waking, but with this application that’s not an issue as the light won’t be shining in your direction (unless you make it point in your direction of course).

When I say torch, it isn’t exactly a torch, but acts just like one. The torch application makes use of the LCD screen on the phone, turning the screen bright, which thus makes it possible to see in the dark for relatively short distances. If you ever get caught in a power outage, it’s always handy to have something like this – it could even be a life saver.

The application is activated simply by opening it and then tapping the screen to enable, then tapping again to disable. Very simple yet very effective.

Price: FREE
Download: QTorch for Nokia N8