Trivia games for Nokia N8

Trivia games for Nokia N8

Trivia games are a good way to keep your mind stimulated and also keep you occupied during those boring journeys to work, college, university or wherever else you may be traveling to. So if you want to keep yourself occupied with some trivia fun, check out the games below – you may find something you like.

Sadly, the only problem with Trivia games on the Nokia N8 and particular on the Ovi Store, is the sheer lack of them. There’s not too much to choose from, but hopefully that will be less of an issue as the Ovi Store grows and publishers become more active with Symbian^3 games.

Alphabet Wordsearch

The name should give this one away, Alphabet Wordsearch is a highly addictive word game that will definitely keep you entertained for many hours. You are to abide by one simple rule: locate the words hidden in a grid of jumbled letters. There are over 26 categories to choose from, one for each letter of the English language alphabet, three different board sizes and three levels of difficulty.

The game can generate an unlimited number of grids, keeping you hooked for hours on end. You will also find that there are in-game advertisements, which don’t cause any issues for the player – it’s a small sacrifice for a great free game.

Price: FREE
Download: Alphabet WordSearch for Nokia N8

Ovi Maps Challenge

Another good Trivia game comes in the form of Ovi Maps Challenge on the Nokia N8, which tests your knowledge on map-based geography trivia. Whilst the game is free, there is also extra challenges that you can purchase with 4 different country packs to choose from: Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia/Oceania.

Ovi Maps Challenge has two different game modes to choose from: Action and Quiz, both bringing tonnes of trivia fun. In Quiz mode, you are given a fixed number of questions to answer with the aim, obviously, to get as many as you can right. Action mode gives you a set amount of time to answer as many questions as you can before the timer runs out.

As you play you will notice that you’re slowly gathering up points, which will contribute to your “passport” – get enough of these points and you will be able to purchase a “passport” stamp for another country – a small feature that keeps you wanting to come back for more.

Price: FREE
Download: Ovi Maps Challenge for Nokia N8

Absolute Radio Music Quizzes

This game of musical knowledge will keep you and even your friends entertained for hours on end and features 4 music quizzes – choose between Absolute Radio, Absolute 80′s, Absolute Classic Rock or Absolute Radio 90′s. Once you have completed each quiz, you will be able to submit your scores to the worldwide leaderboards, so you’re able to compete against your friends and other Absolute listeners.

Price: FREE
Download: Absolute Radio Music Quizzes for Nokia N8