TRON Tanks for Nokia N8

TRON Tanks for Nokia N8

TRON Tanks is a game by Disney for the Nokia N8, to celebrate the release of their new movie TRON Legacy which is out in cinemas today. The game is developed and produced by Disney and is available on the Ovi Store as a free download, which is always good.

If you’ve ever played any variation of the popular Tanks game, then this will definitely be a game you will love – and even if you haven’t played Tanks before, this game will still probably keep you occupied for many hours at a time. Tanks are one of the most heavily armored military programs in the TRON world.

Your job is to patrol the GRID and destroy the drones, enemy tanks and turrets in order to fight for your own survival. You can collects power-ups in order to upgrade your cannons and grenades and even get special weapons that have powers which are certain to help you in your fight against the enemy.

The graphics in TRON Tanks are actually very good and, for free, you are getting a massive bargain. I wouldn’t be surprised if the game becomes a paid for application, so if i were you, i’d head on over to the Ovi Store and get your copy today. It wouldn’t be wide of the mark to say that this game alone makes the Nokia N8 worthwhile purchasing – don’t believe me? Download it and see for yourself.

Price: FREE
Download: TRON Tanks for Nokia N8