Gravity Twitter and Facebook app for Nokia N8

Twitter and Facebook app for Nokia N8

If you own a Nokia N8 and have been looking for a top of the range Twitter application to keep you updated with your tweets, then this will be a god send. The application is a premium app, but it offers a lot – the only downside to it is it’s price, at £8.00 / €8.00 it’s not exactly cheap.

Not only does the application support Twitter, but also has Facebook and Foursquare integration. The Facebook integration is hugely missing support for notifications and when you’re paying so much for an app, you’d fully expect it to already be integrated and fully functional.

In regards to Twitter the app has a gorgeous and highly polished user interface – something you would expect from Nokia themselves with their built-in apps. It supports multiple Twitter accounts, image uploading to MobyPicture, TwitPic, TwitGoo and Posterous. There is also support for multiple Twitter searches, Twitter trends, groups, audio alerts, auto-connect and much more – so you’re definitely getting value for money.

It’s also worth mentioning that Gravity offers some functionality for Google Reader, too, which is yet again another bonus; then again, you’d hardly call it a bonus after paying so much for for the application. Having said that, it’s definitely the best social networking application available for the Nokia N8.

This awesome piece of work from Gravity has been released for quite some time now and often gets updated to fix any bugs and/or add new functionality to the app. If you’re looking for a Twitter application that offers everything it probably should, then this will be for you – to download it head on over to the Ovi Store or see below.

Price: €8.00 / £8.00
Download: Twitter and Facebook app for Nokia N8