Universal charging standard for mobile phones

USB charging standard for mobile phones incoming

Last week it was announced that big manufacturers are grouping together to find a common goal; a charging standard for the mobile phones that the companies are producing – which can only mean good news for us consumers, right? Right.

The idea was thought of back in 2009 and has steadily gained momentum this year and, as a direct result of support from the likes of Apple and Nokia, the idea is close to becoming reality.

You’re probably forever experiencing times where you’re at a friends or families house and the dreaded happens – your mobile phone runs out of juice. You have no charger, so what do you do? Normally, if it’s me, i ask the persons whos house i’m in if they have a charger for my phone and, unsurprisingly, they never seem to have the one i need.

With this new standard for mobile phone chargers, this could become a thing of the past. Consumers will be able to use their friends Samsung charger on their Nokia N8 and so-forth.

Following the recent publication of charging standards, the new chargers will use micro-USB connectors, which are already in use on phones such as the Nokia N8 and many other smartphones from across the world.

The majority of Nokia devices already support micro-USB based charging, however looking to the future this will become an industry standard practice. According to Nokia, their standard 2mm charger will be continually supported, so you can still use your standard Nokia charger, too.

How is this a good idea?

* Life will be made much more easier. No need to buy a new charger for your new mobile phone, as you will already have a charger that fits perfectly. No more hunting through the masses of chargers you have at the bottom of your drawers.

* Less waste – discarding your old charger will be a thing of the past as when you change mobile phone manufacturer, you won’t need to throw your old charger in the bin (or wherever else you leave your old chargers – in my case, in a tin with hundreds more at the bottom of dressing table).

* The ability to sell mobile phones without chargers, though i’m not entirely sure how this would work, or even if it’s viable – though Nokia ensure us they are developing a pilot scheme where they shall gauge customer reaction.

It’s actually very difficult to understand how many, if any, disadvantages there are to a universal charging method – it keeps the consumer happy, helps the environment and helps to reduce wastage. What do you guys think about the idea?