Nokia N8 on-the-go USB speakers

USB speakers powered by Nokia N8

Yep, it’s true – the Nokia N8 can power USB speakers, meaning you can listen to music at a great quality and sound level whilst on-the-go thanks to Nokia’s USB on-the-go technology, pretty neat if you ask us. Many people probably didn’t think it was possible, however the video below proves otherwise – the Nokia N8 is powering and using the USB speakers without external power.

A lot of people never use portable speakers due to many reasons, the main reason being either a) they can’t be powered by the phone itself or b) if it can be powered by the phone, it drains the battery quicker than you can listen to half a Linkin Park album.

Here at N8Geeks, we’re still waiting for a portable speaker solution that can be charged via a standard Nokia charger, so there’s no need for external power sources or the need to drain your Nokia N8′s battery in a flash.

Maybe we’ll be waiting a long time for that… If you guys have connected your Nokia N8 to other USB devices that are inventive and practical, please feel free to let us know by emailing us using the contact form on the far left hand side of this website.