Nokia N8 SMS applications

Useful SMS apps for Nokia N8

SMS, which stands for short message service, is commonly used by people as an easier and more cost effective method of contacting friends, family or colleagues. It has been around for many years now and, as itself, hasnt developed much over the years; however applications that can manage them have.

As SMS is so cheap, simple and fast it’s almost always used by teenagers and adults a-like and there’s nothing quite annoying as sending a message to someone and being billed for two messages just because you exceeded the character length by a letter or two.

Luckily we found a few neat little applications for all of your SMS (or texting, whichever word you prefer to use) needs, that will help you manage and monetize your SMS’s – leaving you with a few extra pennies and more time on your hands.


So, you’ve just sent a message to your friend in abbreviated text speak and the person on the other end cannot decipher your cryptic message – annoying huh? Or maybe you sent a message and because you added two characters too many, your phone sends off two messages instead of one, leaving you to incur the extra charge.

Well SMSZipper is an excellent tool that will make those days a thing of the past. With SMSZipper you can send compressed SMS, send SMS that destroy themselves after being received by the intended recipient, define subjects and even send SMS that appear at a date and time you please.

Compressing SMS allows you to send and receive longer text messages but just paying for a single message, instead of two. Abbreviated text speak (hy, hw r u? – Argh!) is a thing of the past, just type how you normally would.

The only down-side is that SMSZipper needs to be installed on the sender side and the receivers side – so if you’re intended recipient doesn’t have the application, you won’t be able to take advantage of its features – d’oh!

Price: FREE
Download: SMSZipper for Nokia N8

SMS Scheduler

If you ever need to send a text message later on in the day, but are worried you will forget, then SMS Scheduler is the ideal purchase. You can write an SMS whenever you wish and have it sent at a pre-defined time and date and even send to multiple recipients. You can create several different SMS delivery schedules, so if you’re a busy person and always on the go then this application is ideal for you.

Price: €5.00 / £4.00
Download: SMS Scheduler for Nokia N8

SMS Preview

This wonderful little application is a useful SMS tool that improves the way you view your messages instantly – without having to make a single click. You can save yourself lots of time and effort by not having to navigate your way to the messages folder. You can see the entire message that has been sent to you and who it was sent by for between 5 and 60 seconds, after which time the message disappears or you double click a key.

The application is easy to set-up once installed, giving you customisable control over the SMS you receive – easy to read at a glance, perfect whilst you’re on-the-go. An international SMS sent and working data connection is needed to activate application and support.

Price: FREE
Download: SMS Preview for Nokia N8

Avatar SMS

With Avatar SMS you can put animated emoticons into your text messages. It not only offers you the standard emoticons that come with the application, but you can even put in expressions of your customized look. Style your very own avatar with billions of possible combinations, just choosing an avatar is a game in itself – all at the same cost as sending a normal standard rate SMS.

You can even use the avatars to create a really awesome wallpaper, or even make yourself a new avatar for your MSN profile picture, or even Facebook for that matter. If you’re looking to make your SMS experience a little more fun and personalised, then this app is probably for you.

Price: €4.00 / £3.00
Download: Avatar SMS for Nokia N8