Connecting Apple wireless keyboard to Nokia N8

Using Apples wireless keyboard with Nokia N8

Apple and Nokia both have very clever devices, so it may not be to your surprise that you can connect your wireless Apple bluetooth keyboard to your Nokia N8 for typing emails, letters, SMS or whatever else you may want. The keyboard is super lightweight and is easy to use and gets synced to your Nokia N8 without a hitch.

Getting set up

  • Ensure your keyboard is on and is in discovery mode
  • Go to the menu on your Nokia N8 and choose Settings
  • Now choose Connectivity, Bluetooth and turn it on if it’s not already
  • Select Paired Devices from the options – from the Options Menu, choose “New Paired Device”
  • If you have already synced bluetooth devices to your phone, choose “More Devices”
  • The phone will find “Apple Wireless Keyboard”, connect it to the Nokia N8
  • Enter a few digits for the pass code to enable pairing and do the same on the keyboard
  • That’s it, if you’ve followed the above advice you should now be connected to your Apple wireless bluetooth keyboard – this will even work with other bluetooth enabled keyboards or mice, so feel free to try it out with those and see if it works (it should).

    Having trouble? Check out this useful video below.