Nokia N8 camera

Why is the Nokia N8 still the best camera phone on the market?

When the phone was first announced, way back in October of last year, it set a new standard for mobile phones. The camera, in particular, was something that hadn’t yet been seen in the market for simple cell phones in the United States. Our question is: a year later, can the Nokia N8 still withstand the tests posed by its competitors? Can it hold its own in an exploding cell phone market? The answer, which didn’t surprise us too much, is a resounding yes!

One of the reasons that the camera adds so much value to this phone is its super high-resolution image sensor. The image sensor is still the highest resolution sensor in a mobile phone to date (even over a year after its initial release).

The Nokia N8 has amazing build quality that rivals almost any phone. The quality of the build isn’t just the parts inside the outer shell but also how the lot of it is put together. Nokia are renowned for their excellent build quality even in the earlier years with phones like the 3210, even that was a sturdy little bugger. The Nokia N8 feels durable and solid, definitely not flimsy in the slightest and it gives us the great knowledge knowing that our phone will be able to stand the test of time.

Next up is the 12 megapixel camera resolution. As you probably already know, in this day in age the resolution of a camera isn’t the be all and end all of camera quality, however this isn’t to say that it’s not important still. The amazing resolution that the phone captures images at leaves other smartphone rivals trailing in the wind – the possibilities of a higher resolution camera are numerous – take for example the ability to retain detail when cropping images.

The Carl Zeiss optics are another reason why the Nokia N8 is still the best camera phone currently available on the market. The Carl Zeiss name and high quality lens components have run hand in hand for many years now and the importance of Nokia gaining this technology advantage in their hardware arsenal is rather significant. Needless to say not many products have seen a closer commitment between themselves than the two companies.

The components inside the Nokia N8 are high quality such as the 12 megapixel camera, but it’s not just the camera that is of the highest quality, the other components throughout the unit are too absolutely awesome and top of the range. Let’s take for example the mechanical shutter, the glass lens and the large image sensor.

Is the Nokia N8 still the best camera phone on the market for you personally and if there are any other reasons that you own the Nokia N8, what are they? We’re keen to hear your thoughts!

Do you agree that the Nokia N8 remains the best cameraphone on the market? Have you any reasons of your own to add to the five we’ve listed here? Let us know in the comments!