Nokia N8 camera

Will the Nokia N8 restore Nokia’s reputation amongst the mobile phone market?

After owning the Nokia N8 for some time now, it’s safe to say it’s a magnificent mobile phone, something we’ve been waiting from Nokia for many years – even the Nokia N97 wasn’t exactly the most amazing thing to come from Nokia. The Nokia N8 was never supposed to be a phone that competes with the like of the iPhone or Android based phones, it’s in a different niche entirely.

The hardware as you probably already know in the Nokia N8, is truly amazing, in a league of its own. So we know that Nokia know how to put together top notch hardware and specs, but is its software lacking in comparison? Well, we don’t think it’s exactly the best, but it’s functional – though this may well change with the release of the firmware update for the Nokia N8 in the near future. The Nokia N8 is not all about its wide range of applications like the iPhone, it’s more about being the best in the camera phone market – and they have already achieved this.

For some reason, whatever it is, many consumers take Nokia for a low end business class and something that has lost its know-how and power in the mobile market. It appears the N-series from Nokia is here to fix all of that – and it appears the Nokia N8 may well be the one to cure the problem. With the kind of hardware that the Nokia N8 packs, it’s hard to ignore the superiority of the phone – people who ignore or rather dismiss it are either arrogant or Nokia haters.

So, the Nokia N8 packs amazing hardware, but if you’re in the market for a phone with a wealth of software and applications, it may not be your cup of tea. If you’re in the market for a phone that packs a punch with almighty hardware and an elegant look to boot, then you should definitely consider investing in this master-piece.

We own a Nokia N8 and iPhone ourselves at N8Geeks and it’s safe to say that the Nokia N8 is just amazing. If the phone had the same usability and application selection as the iPhone, this will be hands-down the best phone on the market – with that said though, the Ovi Store is growing day-by-day and the App Store has had years to release itself to the market – with time, we believe Nokia will be relishing in the days it used to as a mobile phone power-house.