Winter themes for Nokia N8

Winter is here in many places around the world and to help get you in a wintery mood, we have some really cool winter themes to keep your Nokia N8 looking good and helps to show your love for the winter season. If you’re anything like me, you will absolutely love these winter themes – winter, snow, frost, it all comes hand-in-hand.

Note: To see a full size image of the thumbnail below, simply click on it and it will open a full size preview of the desired thumbnail.

The first theme, bottom left below, is probably my favourite theme. It features a snowy moonlit night, with a church covered in snow and has a really wintery feel to it. In fact, it’s probably safe to say this is the best winter theme currently available – nothing too in your face, very subtle yet powerful. Theme by Aarav.

The second theme, centre, is again probably my second favourite theme of the three. It’s a picturesque wintery theme that features a snowy cabin and an amazingly mountain backdrop. This theme is sure to give your Nokia N8 the look and feel that it deserves, especially in the winter. Theme by sasassz.

The third and final theme, as you can see from the thumbnail far right, is similar to the other one however show a picturesque snowy garden. This theme, like the other two, is generally a dark and subtle theme – nothing too bright nor dark. The lights from the house are visible, which gives it a more realistic and homely feel and look to it.Theme by Miss_No_No.

Snowy cabin theme for Nokia N8 (794)

Winter scene theme for Nokia N8 (833)