Push Snowboarding Nokia N8 project

Worlds number 1 Peetu trials Push Snowboarding kit

For the people out there that are not yet familiar with the Push Snowboarding project, it’s a project that in essence takes the Nokia N8 device and creates a fully customised dashboard so snowboarders can see everything from their run, such as foot pressure to speed all curated on an application. You don’t have to be a Nokia N8 fan in order to be interested in this project, as it’s more than a mere experiment, it’s actually all about taking data that used to be invisible, visible for the first time.

The Push Snowboarding team were out at the Burton US Open recently which took place in Stratton Mountain where they showcased the kit they’ve been developing for quite some time. This was the first time that the public had a chance to try out the awesome piece of kit for themselves. Not only that, there were many pro snowboarders wanting to trial this piece of kit, believe it or not.

The TTR ranked world number one and Vancouver Winer Olympics halfpipe silver medalist, named Peetu Piiroinen, took to the snow to give it all a trail as you can see from the video below – he took the to US Open Slopestyle course at Stratton Mountain to showcase the kit from a professionals standpoint.

From the vide below you can see what’s possible for spectators who are watching the kit in action and what it will tell you about the snowboarder. Peetu is a pro and obviously as you’d imagine, knows the US Open course rather well as you can see in his heart rate and rush readings which are calculated and output throughout the whole ride. He actually stays rather calm despite the size of some of the massive jumps, it’s interesting to see that the final jump is just a regular jump for him, basically child’s play.

What do you guys think of the project and in particular, the run that Peetu had as seen in the video below? It’s amazing some of the things you can do with a hacked Nokia N8 – truly amazing.