Worms HD for Nokia N8

Worms HD for Nokia N8

If you’re anything like me, you’ll remember the days of playing Worms on the Amiga and stressing at the computer-based getting lucky hits from impervious positions across the map. Worms has been around since the early days of 1995 and allowed gamers to partake in the execution and general destroying of worms – yep, the type that come out of the ground, but in digital format.

I’ve got tonnes of memories of loading up worms on an Amiga and even later, on a DOS prompt on the PC. Since its initial release, the Worms game has spread over many sequels and migrated to many different platforms and this particular version, Worms HD, brings the game to the Nokia N8 on our lovely touch-screen mobile phone. Heh, who would of thought that 16 years ago we would be playing this marvellous game on our mobile phones.

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For those who are new to Worms, the concept is really easy to understand and simply put – simple. You get to control one of several teams of worms, living in crazy misshapen landscapes and you even get the arsenal of weapons that even Arnold Schwarzenegger would be jealous of. You use your wits to put all these ingredients into one simple goal – destroy the enemy before they destroy you.

The main skill in Worms HD is the players ability to aim their attack with precision. You have mostly either launched (bazooka, anyone?) or thrown (i.e. grenades) weaponry. Aiming a shot will be familiar to Angry Birds, in the fact that you must correctly angle and power your aim in order to get the desired result. In Worms HD, this works by simply rotating a crosshair around your current, selected worm to control the angle of the shot – you gauge the power by holding down the fire button and releasing when you feel the time is right.

If this all seems far too simple to you, there is a hitch – Worms brings with it the complication of wind. Winds coming across your landscape will hinder your shots and ultimately make destroying your enemy much harder. If you fire your weapon in to the wind, it will allow you to curl a missile in such a way that it could hit a worm that you wouldn’t normally otherwise be able to hit – but you have to play smart.

Talking of weapons, if you’re wondering what sort of weaponry you will have for use then take a look at these beauties. You will have control of your normal, every day bazooka, machine guns and even shotguns. That’s not all, of course – there are even air strikes, home missiles, grenades and believe it or not – booby trapped, uh, sheep! There are tonnes more weapons, you’d have to check the game out before you could really gauge the depth of weaponry.

There are a number of different game modes, namely quick play which is as the name suggests. There’s “Body Count” mode, which gives you a single worm with an endless supply of enemies – you are given 200 health and the enemies have a mere 10-20 health points, but don’t worry, it’s still a challenge. There’s actually even a “Challenge” mode, which pits your team against several other teams of worms with the AI gradually improving after each round – making for a difficult yet fun game.

“Body Count” mode gives you a single worm with an endless supply of enemy worms to defeat. In this mode you get 200 health points while the enemies only have 10 to 20 health points, but it’s still quite a challenge. Speaking of challenges, “Challenge” mode pits your team against several other teams of worms. In this mode, the AI gradually improves with each successive round.

A great feature of this game, if you will call it that, is the hilarious sounds that comes from the worms. They have lots of different phrases that they omit as you play the game and events unfold – it definitely adds another dimension to the game – comedy. You even get text hints in the game and extra audio clips that are attained through achievements – but there is a hitch, there is no achievements log to keep track of your already achieved achievements.

If you download Worms HD for the Nokia N8 or already have the game, let us know what you think of it.

Price: €3.00 / £3.00
Download: Worms HD for Nokia N8