N8 Productions entry

Yo-Yo N8 Productions video shot on Nokia N8

Nokia N8 users should be using their brains this week as the Nokia N8 Productions competition is ready for your submissions. You need to create a creative 3 minute clip using your Nokia N8 and you could win a zero gravity flight for you and one of your friends (or family for that matter).

This particular entry was even featured on ESPN due to it’s imagination and sheer skill, who would of thought any of this was possible with a Yo-Yo? Okay, I kinda knew stuff like this was possible, but wow, this really is a very skilled video shoot.

The video was shot entirely on the Nokia N8 and as you can see from the video quality, it’s actually very good. If we find any more imaginative entries for N8 Productions, we will be sure to share them with you guys – and don’t forget to use your imagination and even try entering the competition yourself.

I hope you Nokia N8 users are getting your thinking caps on with your idea and entry for N8 Productions. Your imaginative 3 minute clip could win you and a friend a zero gravity flight!